12 Ideas That Will Boost Your Engagement

 44% of all internet users watch a vlog every month. Top YouTube vloggers have millions of subscribers. YouTube superstar Casey Neistat has 10.8 million subscribers. That’s 5 million more than CNN’s channel, which has 5.8 million subscribers.https://www.ad-sandbox.com/static/html/sandbox.html

But what makes a good vlogger? The answer to that will always be the one true king. Content

Coming up with content that will generate engagement from your viewers

1) Do an FAQ video. This will help you engage new and existing subscribers because they want to know more about you. So make a compilation of the questions that your followers asked often and put them in one video! Plus, this can be a perennial content that you can share over and over again.

2) Feature one of your subscribers. Show how much you value your audience by featuring one of them! Choose one that lives within your proximity so you can easily go to their place and vlog about what their day is like. Think of it as an appreciation post for your most loyal subscribers.

3) Try something for the first time. May it be food, make-up, sport, or any experience, try something you haven’t done before. This will show a lot of unscripted and candid reactions that your viewers will definitely love. Remember that authenticity is one of the marks of a great vlogger.

4) Show what’s in your bag or closet. Invite your viewers to take a peek inside your purse or your closet. It’s always fun to share your must-haves because it shows them generally what you like and what you value most without going all too serious. You will be surprised how many followers you will engage particularly those who have the same stuff or style as yours!

5) Do an interview. That person can either be a family member, friend, influencer, or just some ordinary Joe that you met in a store. Featuring other people will add variety to your content. Make sure you highlight what makes that person special so that he or she will have a connection with your audience.

6) Make a tutorial. Tutorial videos, in general, garner a lot of views. Share your insights by making an instructional video on your expertise. This type of content also strengthens your brand credibility. Moreover, it shows your subscribers that you are there to add more value to their lives.7) Talk about something serious. It can be about a cause you’re passionate about, a difficult experience you overcame, or a current issue you want to discuss. This will show a different side of you. It will show your honesty, vulnerability, and strength. Doing a vlog like this can be very empowering not only for you but also for your viewers.

8) Take on a trending challenge. There will always be a challenge that social media comes up with. Choose one that excites you the most and do it! Prepare to get embarrassed! Just keep in mind that you’re doing this for fun. Make it spontaneous. And if you ever decide to edit it, share the outtakes of the video!

9) Do a “cheap” day. That means you do something with a limited budget. For example, buy a gift for your partner for $5 only or eat out the whole day with only $10 in your wallet. It will definitely be challenging but it will be worth the adventure! Your viewers will definitely enjoy watching you stretch your budget.

10) Attend an event and make a review. Take your viewers out to a special event and do a review right after. Take them through your preparations and some VIP access (if you have any). Make an honest review about the event and share your experience with your subscribers, including some do’s and don’ts. More importantly, make a recommendation if they should go or not.

11) Compare something old and new. It can be a gadget, appliance, place, packaging—anything that has distinct changes. Highlight the good and the bad of each item. You can even do a vlog series on this and categorize it! You can also invite people who can share about their experience with the older stuff and let them try out the new ones!

12) Make gift suggestions. From birthdays to anniversaries, graduation, Mother’s/Father’s Day, and holidays, create a vlog on gift suggestions to help your subscribers pick the perfect present. This can be a perennial content that you can share yearly. It’s also a good opportunity for tie-ups with certain brands.